I want to have a sleepover with you one night. Just have a night where we can curl up together and watch movies, play video games and have pillow fights all night long. We would tell stories to each other and jam together, regardless of whether we suck at singing or not. We can stay up until 11:11 and make wishes together. We’ll have midnight snacks and play chubby bunny. I want to cuddle with you and wrestle. We can build pillow forts and pretend the floor is hot lava, like when we were little. We can go out for a late night watch and just look at how beautiful the lights are late at night. We can eat ice cream sundaes and smores. We can just fall asleep together, listening to the rise and fall of our breathe. I want to wake up seeing you next to me. I want to make you breakfast, even if its just a bowl of cereal. I’ll try my best to make you eggs and bacon though. I just want to spend every waking moment with you, literally (: