· 6.11.2012

what i said about him: 

I’m so nervous about this week. What if he’s fucking with me and not coming over? What if I cry in front of him? He doesn’t love me. I just know it. Idk what he wants.. I’m getting way too into this. and I lied, I’m not over him. I’m so in love with him its ridiculous. I’m not even mad about all the bs he put me through now. I think about it and I’m not bothered for some reason..
I’m sitting here sewing the dress he likes me in. -____- moths got to it so it has little holes and I’m sewing them up. I barely know how to sew but I’m doing it. For him. Wtf is wrong with me.. 
And I’m scared of what’ll happen when he’s here. What if we kiss.. or more? What if he wants me back? Will people think I’m just an idiot for going back to him. Then again idc. I’m more concerned of how I’ll view myself. I wish I didn’t love him. Then we could be friends like he wants I guess? Blah.

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